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  • Guangdong Huihai Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Group
    Tel 020 -32293393
    Fax :020 -32293363
    Address: D 701,Guangzhou international enterprise incubator, Juquan Road 3, Science city, Investment and development zones, Guangzhou city

    Company profile
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    Guangdong Huihai Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Group

    Company profile

    Guangdong Huihai Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Group is a large national-level high-tech conglomerate, and a company planning to be listed. Since its establishment in 2004, Huihai has been adhering to the management philosophy of "benefiting society, employees and the company", and devoting itself to promoting the development of modern agriculture in China with scientific and technological innovation. The Group is engaged in such sectors as "feed, breeding and seedling", and has thousands of employees, 8 production bases, one pig breeding farm and more than 1,000 feed sales and service outlets in Jiangmen, Sihui, Yangjiang, Maoming and Zhanjiang of Guangdong Province, Guigang of Guangxi Province, and Hanchuan and Jingzhou of Hubei Province. The Group has the feed production capacity of more than 1 million tons, and nearly 20 well-equipped ordinary puffed and specialty puffed aquatic material production lines with advanced technology, whose production capacities reach more than 400,000 tons. In 2017, the Group carried out the business of company + peasant household with an annual output of nearly 100,000 pigs. Since its establishment, the Group has achieved leapfrog development and has become one of the fastest growing enterprises in China's agriculture and animal husbandry industry.



    Huihai Group offers a variety of safe and efficient breeding models in hope of rendering the breeders using Huihai Group models more economical and profitable than the average in the society. At present, with the Huihai Group pig breeding model, a pig can create over RMB 100 yuan added value while with the Huihai Group fish breeding model, a one-hectare pond can brate over RMB 1,000 yuan added value. The “safe and efficient” breeding models of Huihai Group have significantly contributed to the increased productivity and profit of hundreds of thousands of breeders.


     " Talent is the core competitiveness of the first", Huihai Views of Talent respect and trust staff, and will provide opportunities of first-class training, a good occupation planning, and a good incentive system for the development of staff. There are 80% middle management staff of Huihai company has MBA learning experience,more than 200 graduate students, undergraduate students composed of sales and management team, the group has launched the "force recruit hundreds of master” planning, and let more young people into Huihai company, striving for the prosperity and development of Agriculture and animal husbandry industry!


    In terms of scientific research and development, Huihai Group has the R&D team led by many doctors, and cooperated with famous scientific research institutes both at home and abroad such as Huazhong Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University and Guangdong Ocean University to improve product quality and productivity. The Group adheres to the corporate philosophy of "Lower Cost of Breeding and Becoming a Leader in Cost-effective Feeding", continuously developing new products and seeking benefits from science and technology while meeting the changing needs of consumers. Huihai Group will learn from German manufacturing industry with the pursuit of "delicacy", and use high-quality raw materials, excellent equipment, reasonable technology, skilled workers to produce high-quality feed.


    Under the business guidelines of “be good for the society, the employee and the company”, Huihai Group always upholds the “sales tree” notion: the breeder is the root, the dealer is the bunk and the business of the company is the fruit; therefore, it is essential to create a win-win-win partnership among three parties.


    Huihai employees are loyal followers of the corporate spirit of "integrity, profession, communication, solidarity, learning, diligence, innovation and efficiency", the corporate values of "running sincere businesses, being honest, working in simple ways and teaming up to create a wonderful life" and the corporate goal of "Lower Cost of Breeding and Becoming a Leader in Cost-effective Feeding". Thanks to these beliefs, the Group and its staff are driven forward to the great success!


    Website : http://www.huihaijt.com

    Address : Room 701-705, D Building of International Business Incubator of Science City Huangpu District Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province of China.

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